Monday, 2 July 2012

Exciting New Snowboard Toys.

New Snowboard Gear for 2012/2013.
It only seemed like yesterday when we getting all hyped up for the latest kit. New graphics, new designs and the latest most innovative designs were centre stage of the ISPO tradeshow. The latest gear was on show for all to see, with exciting new products and a range of the newest bright ideas.

Below are my highlights from the show, which included huge names, such as: Bataleon, Burton, Westbeach, Electric, YES, Salomon and Analog, to name but a few.

Bataleon have been a staple sight on mountains for a good 7 years now, with the overwhelming success of the Goliath and Evil Twin and the triple base technology. If you didn’t know, triple base technology or TBT, incorporates lifted side base sections on the board around the nose and the tail. This raises the contact points of the edges at lower speeds and minimises the chance of you catching an edge. It also increases float in powder, and improves edge response in turning.

 There is no real change to last year’s board shape, which includes a blunting of the nose and tail for stability. The graphics have been fine tuned and look super slick, with the Goliath being a personal highlight.

Prices look to be around the £400 mark for the deck, keep a look out at the Ski and Snowboard shows though for a better deal.

Not a year goes by without some new innovation. We’ve had webbed bindings by Ride, Flow introduced a step in a few years back, and boards started introducing rockered bases. Goggles are the same. We had GPS goggles last year, and Dragon introduced the lens less APX goggles. This year, ANON optics has got in on the act and introduces magnetic lenses. The idea is that the lenses can be replaced much easier, without getting fingerprints all over the lenses and without cracking them when you get frustrated after 15 minutes. The new Magna-Tech M1 goggles have lenses that can be replaces in literally seconds and according to Anon, the retention power of the lenses is 20lbs and has withstand impacts of up to 75Gs.

Here’s one for the jibbers. The new Bootlegger binding by Burton is a super flexy binding, designed for grabbing, buttering and generally showing off. The new high back is made with a plastic that is made to withstand cold temperatures; meaning is stays flexy all the time.

However, the feature which stands out most is the new Smackdown toe strap, a gigantic ratchet that resembles a ski boot, which is designed to adjust to your boot size, ride style and save you time when flipping in and out.

Prices are yet to be disclosed, but if you are after buttery soft bindings for the park, these are for you. I would not recommend these if you like all mountain and piste riding, but I can see the toe strap becoming quite a staple figure in most designs in the next few years.

The board that got me most excited though is the new YES trouble range, with Tupac and Biggie design.

A board beyond categorization, the Trouble and it’s Tragna Maction handles the slopes with real ease. It is grippy, stable and pre-loaded with Camrock Pop – the anti-cambered technology avoided by Bataleon. It features park and all mountain twin camrock, medium flex and a triax glass top.

But seriously, who cares when you can choose between Tupac and Biggie? Either 154 or 158, these boards will sell like hot cakes.

And I am first in the queue.

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