Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My favourite Snow Parks in Europe...

It’s a common sight to see nowadays in resorts. Huge expansive mounds of snow, strange kinked rails, and boxes plastered in sponsors, pyramid shaped jumps and even half buried cars can make an appearance. Of course, covered in sponsorship stickers.

It seems that these snow parks are the place to be. What with all the snowboarders sat in groups, contemplating the next hit, or simply sitting there to look cool.

To keep their clientele of teenagers with long hair, baggy pants and mono-syllabic conversation happy, resorts are investing a lot more money in snow parks. But with the huge running costs, (daily grooming, pipe carving, park patrol) this is making the lift companies invite a huge array of sponsors to advertise in the parks, or even sponsor the build of them, meaning reduced running costs for the mountain companies. Companies such as: DC, Oakley, Vans and Swatch sponsor and advertise on any surface possible. With that, bigger jumps are built, it is better maintained, and it attracts a list of top names and pros to ride them.

Summer parks are also a popular side project. Only yesterday did Les Deux Alpes open their summer park due to the insane snow from the winter. This year, popular skate brand Zoo York have taken over the reins, and designed a park on the glacier, boasting 2 pipes to Olympic specification (one standard, one super-pipe) a slope style course, big air section and a ‘shred zone’ with a massive selection of jibs and kickers.

Companies are always trying to build bigger and better, but with technology making huge leaps in the ski industry, new quirky additions are being made. Take the DC Area 43 in Meribel-Motteret.

Area 43 parks are already established in Chamonix and Kitzbuhel, and with the huge amount of visitors to Meribel each year, it makes sense for one of Snow Park building most popular names to try their luck. Located under the Plattieres 2 lift, the park was 650 feet of rails and jumps. Even a skateboard min ramp was installed. The techno-geeks were served as well, with DC installing the ‘Live park system’, a system which allowed riders to check out their action shots online. Cameras were placed in sections and those with electronic tags were captured, and allowed them to go online and edit their runs. Good news is that according to their website, DC looks like they will be back next year. Watch this space.

With the prestigious honour of ‘European Snowpark of the Year’ the Vans Penken Park in Mayrhofen has a pretty big reputation to live up to. The home of the Vans Wängl Tängl event and most famously, the ‘Snowbombing’ festival, Mayrhofen boasts glacier and one of the best constructed parks in existence. 11 kickers, 2 hips, 34 jibs and a halfpipe make up the park and is serviced by its own 4 seater chairlift. The park is renowned for its ‘pro sessions’, with riders like Aimee Fuller, Antoine Tuchant and freeskiers Sebi Geiger and the Hunzikers brothers joining sponsored rides by the Nike 6.0 team and Vans on the hill. With planning underway for next season and an estimated Christmas opening, snowboarders can look forward to riding one of the best parks in Europe, if not, the World.

With clientele ranging from the Royal family to the Beckhams, Verbier has a reputation as a home for the stupidly rich and famous. With the freestyle scene taking off in other countries, Swiss watch makers, Swatch (get it) have put their name all over the Swatch Snow park in Verbier. Having had mediocre, badly maintained parks for a few seasons, the Swatch team have created a 740 foot masterpiece under the La Chaux Express lift, with breathtaking views and breathtaking jumps. The 3 grades of difficulty apply, which are clearly marked and well groomed everyday and twice a day in busy season. The park is open from first lift to last, and is nosebleedingly high.

To resorts that have them, good parks are worth their weight in gold. With the European X-Games now taking place in Tignes, and huge musical acts coming to Snowbombing and Ischgl, the international freestyle and music scene is making ground in Europe. As well as the increased sponsorships, it seems Europe is the next up and coming place for snowboarding development.

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